All Baby Roots tree gifts are at least two years old and measure approximately 40 – 60cms, larger trees are available on request please call for details.

Each tree is hand selected and placed into a natural hessian drawstring bag.

A choice of wooden shapes is attached to complement your occasion.

The Wild Cherry

In my opinion, this is the most glamorous of all our native trees, offering a magnificent springtime flowering display.

Maisie holding a baby roots wild cherry treeAfter a long dull winter, this is the tree to make all feel fresh and wonderful.

To my surprise, this tree doesn’t have any wonderful myth attached to it, so as a suggestion; “The tree of appreciation” as it really does make you appreciate what nature holds.

It flowers in the springtime and produces fruit to tempt wildlife into your garden in the autumn, I can’t think of a better gift to offer any friend.

The Crab Apple “The tree of love”

Maisie holding a baby roots crab apple treeA beautiful British apple tree the crab apple is gorgeous!

I love the twisted branches, the way it spreads out rather than growing straight up, it will complement any garden and offer a lifetime of love to those who are lucky enough to receive it as a gift.

It truly is the tree of love.

The Rowan

The rowan tree, the Celtic “tree of life” a favourite for welcoming a new baby or celebrating a christening/naming ceremony.

The rowan tree is said to hold protective powers and guard away negative energies.

It is a beautiful small tree which produces small pink, white or red berries.

The berries of a rowan tree are used to make wines and jams to complement savoury dishes.

The Christmas Spruce

“The grow with me Christmas tree”

This is just the best Christmas gift, a gift that will last a lifetime, will bring fresh joy every year and will grow with the family.young girl holding a baby roots christmas tree

My children and I started to grow our own Christmas tree four years ago, we keep her in a large pot and every year a few weeks before Christmas we bring her in and each add a new hand made decoration, they grow on average around 6-12 inches a year so there’s always space for new decorations!
Eventually, we will have to plant her in the garden and the tradition will continue outdoors.

A super gift for a growing family!