The Rowan Tree – “The Celtic Tree of Life”

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The Rowan tree, the Celtic “tree of life” a favourite for welcoming a new baby or celebrating a christening/naming ceremony.

The Rowan is said to hold protective powers and guard away negative energies.


My absolute favourite tree gift for welcoming a new baby, christening, a baptism, or a naming ceremony.
Perfect for a new home, a marriage, a birthday…every home should have one!

The rowan tree’s berries, high in vitamin C, can be used to make rowan jellies to accompany savoury dishes; favoured by my mother-in-law and favoured by me.

Traditionally rowan trees were planted outside houses to protect homes from spirits and guard away negative enchantment.  You will often find them planted in churchyards and are now widely planted as a street tree because they are so lovely.

2 reviews for The Rowan Tree – “The Celtic Tree of Life”

  1. Jessica Dyer (verified owner)

    Angela was warm and welcoming. She helped me decide what tree was right for my circumstances, unfortunately it was for a friend who lost someone very dear to them. I thought this would be a lovely and slightly different gift, a thoughtful offering to celebrate the life of the person who passed away. The response from my friend was heart warming – she wrote, ‘your beautiful tree arrived ? thats so thoughtful and such a lovely idea. It made me cry – but in a good way….’. I think this company is superb, affordable, unique AND they offer a very personalised and quick service. I will definitely be using you again! Thank you Angela – Jess D xx

  2. Kerry Fulcher Brien (verified owner)

    This is my fourth tree from Angela!

    I stumbled across Baby Roots when I was looking for different and eco friendly gifts for my two Nephews christening. I ordered 2 Rowan trees along with the frame option that is offered, such a beautiful gift! I have since bought a Cherry tree and another Rowan and all are still thriving. Angela has always been helpful and super fast in getting out the orders (which is helpful when I always order last minute), it is an affordable, quality gift that will be nothing like anyone gives and great for the environment too! A must for many occasions. Thank you Angela – Kerry F x

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